Name of Commodity: Fresh chicken best processing, example, wing, Yakitari


Introduction of company and products: Dashiqiao Chicken Processing Plant is located in Jinqiao

(2-5 photos Illustrated ) Town. It is base covered 60 mu. Its business catagories is

chicken best processing. Chicken processing with auto-

matical processing equipment., the plant processing tender

succulent, no drug residue, and no yellow fat healthy food

which named ˇ° Great Wall Fresh Chickenˇ±. Because of

highquality and best processing skill, the plant won the

qualification of no exam imported goods in Japan. In

addition, the importer offered a long term order and

technical cooperation agreement which makes the Great

Wall Chicken become one of the most popular brand in

Japan. In 1997, the plant will process 7 million chicken

and will created a lot of foreign exchange for the country.

Name of Company: Liaoning Great Wall Agri-industrial Co., Ltd. Dashiqiao

Chicken Processing Plant

Address of Company: Xinmin Village, Jinqiao Town, Dashiqiao, Yingkou

Tel: 0417-5820318 
Fax: 0417-5817047 
Post Cord: 115100 




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