Name      of         Commodity: All kinds of additives and their packages

Introduction of Company and Products: In Febo rary 1998, Yingkou Lanlian Additives Center was established, a joint venture between Yingkou Laobian Petrochemical Plant and Lanzhou Additives Manufacturing Plant of Lanzhou Petroleum Processing and Chemical Complex, which main task is to promote the sale in Northeast China. During the last two years, it has sold about 12additive series including 38kinds of additives and their packages, which has brought good profit and reputation for the two plants and had been awarded as AA Enterprise in 1999 by Liaoning Provincial Government.

Name        of         Company: Yingkou Lanlian Additives Northeast China Sales Center

Address      of         Company: Sanjiazi, Laobian District, Yingkou City

Tel:3832995  Fax: 3851253  Post Cord: 115005