Name          of        Commodity: refined salt, crushed washing salt, raw salt, solar salt, specialized salt and bromine products

Introduction of Company and Products: Yingkou Salt Industry (Group) Corp.Ltd. with a saltmaking history as long as 265 years, is situated in the southen part of Liaoning Province, north bank of Bohai gulf. It is a main state-run largescale I enterprise, integrating with a raw salt production, processing as well as chemical industry. Now our corporation has 8,000 staff and workers, with an annual production capacity of 800,000 tons of sea salt, its original value of fixed assets reaches 222,000,000 yuan.

                                   In the past few years, Yingkou salt Industry (Group) Corp., Ltd. has implemented such a strategic target as Taking salt as link; Developing flank products; krosswising coalition; Diversitying multy-industry. Basing on raw salt production, we have exerted our most efforts to develop salt industry mand sea water cultivation and have introduced from Swiss Sulzer Escher Wyss Company flash-evaporation salt recrystallization plants which prossess firstclass level at home and has an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons. Yingkou Salt Industry (Group) Corporation opens up markets with its high-quality products and depends on management to increase beneficial results. The proportion of high-quality, the first-class product, sea salt produced by Yingkou Salt Industry (Group) corporation has reached 100%. The brand í░Silver Birdí▒ industrial salt has a good market, which was named as High-quality Productí▒ by light industrial Ministry in comparing and appraising the quality of different industrial salt of China 1986. The brand í░Sea Flakeí▒ refined salt obtained the name of High-quality Product in Liaoning Province. The synthetic products such as magnesium chloride, sodium sulphate, patassium chloride as well as see water-breeding prawn enjoy high reputation in the marked at home and abroad.

                                   We cordially welcome guests and businessmen at home and abroad to come to negotiate business or develop economic and technical co-operation.

Name        of           Company: Yingkou Salt Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

Address      of           Company: No.23 Nongmao Lane, Zhanqian District, Yingkou City

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