Name        of      Commodity: Series of Metal Base for Crystal Resonator, Series of Metal Cover for Crystal Resonator, Series of Metal Base & Cover for Columned Crystal Resonator, Series of Crystal Resonator & Oscillator, Series of Metal Base & Cover for Crystal Oscillator, Series of Glass Powder Insulator & Base and Cover for Transistor

Introduction of Company and Products: Standing on the coast of the waving sea, you may have such a feeling: the world is changing rapidly, the enterprise is developing and the civilization is renewing..

                                 Yingkou Yida Electronics Co., Ltd., stands by Bohai Sea and Liaohe River, propelled by the tide of China¡¯s Reformation and Opening to the outside world, following the pace of China¡¯s Electronic Industry stepping into the world, is becoming larger and larger on the reforming road and is pushing forward the field of China¡¯s base and cover for Crystal Resonator. Facing the changes of the world with each passing day, we will keep on developing ourselves on the strength of advanced technology and keep our aims:

                                 Largest in scale: To annually produce 600 million pieces of Base and Cover for Crystal Resonator, which ranks first in the field of China and ahead in Asia. To develop and produce 20 million pieces of Crystal Resonator and other electronic products.

                                 Largest in specifications: To produce several scores of types of Crystal Resonator and its Base and Cover, Such as series of 49U, 49u/s, 45M, oscillat6or, Base and Cover for Transister, digital electronic products.

                                 Most excellent in quality: The first in the field to pass ISO 9000 quality System certificate. Main technical Properties of the products have reached or exceeded those of advanced level of 1990s in the world.

                                 Best in service: Safe and quick delivery of goods by sea, land and air. To supply according to  customer¡¯s requirements. Spot service after sale on international customs and practices. To carry on ¡°all-inclusive¡± rule.

Deepest in friendship: We have made friends with more then one hundred customers from home and abroad. We¡¯re willing to do more good to them through our sincere work. We¡¯ll never forget old friends and hope get acquainted with more new friends.

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