Name        of          Commodity: Mineral Products and Diversified Refractory Products

Introduction of Company and Products: Dashiqiao Tangchi Mining Industry Co., Ltd. is a company with rich mineral resources, advanced equipments, and completed refractory products. Our company possesses the high temperature tunnel kiln with the firing temperature of 1850, high temperature shaft kiln with the firing temperature of 1900, and moulding equipment with the pressure of 1000T, 630T, 500T, 400Tand 600T liquid pressure imported from Japan. The whole company has four series production, that is, mineral production series, manegesite brick series, and unshaped refractories series, Annual production, magnesite 300 thousand tons, dolomite 100 thousand tons, shaft kiln magnesite 60 thousand tons, various magnesite bricks 20 thousand tons , soft-burnt magnesia 10 thousand tons, and various unshaped refractories. Annual sales income 60 million yuan.

Name          of          Company: Dashiqiao Tahnchi Mining Industry Co., Ltd.

Address        of         Company: Tangchi Town, Dashiqiao City

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