Name       of        Commodity: Dead Burned Magnesite, Fused Magnesite, High Purity Magnesite, Gunning Mix, Talc Powder, Wine

Introduction of Company and Products: Our company is a complex enterprise group. The products are including refractories (be using to the steelification), talc powder (be using to the papermaking) and super wine.

                                Our company is engaged in building sheet, real estate business, import & export trade, national trade, transportation and sales business etc.

                                The company owns more than 3 billion, more than 2 thousand staffs. It takes 320,000 square meters. The output of DBM is 300,000 tons, Fused Magnesite¡¯s is 160,000 tons, High Purity Magnesite¡¯s is 30,000 tons, Gunning mix¡¯s is 20,000 tons, Talc Powder¡¯s is 120,000tons and the wine¡¯s is 3,000 tons each year.

Name         of       Company: Yingkou Huachen (Group) Co., Ltd.

Address       of       Company: Fenshui, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province, China

Tel: 86-417-5330033 Fax: 86-417-5330088 Post Code: 115101