Name        of         Commodity: Talc, Talc Powder

Introduction of Company and Products: Yingkou Talc Mine has more than 30years history. It locates in Developing-area, Dashiqiao City. Transportation is very convenient. There are railway and highway through it. And it is adjacent to Yingkou or Bayuquan or Dalian Harbors. Its products---Talc Powder are widely used in paper-making, paint, food, coating etc. And has been exported to many Countries and areas, like Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong etc.. Annual export amount is 30000tons.It is one of the biggest exporter in domestic.

Name          of        Company: Yingkou Talc Mine

Address        of        Company: Developing-Area in Dashiqiao

Tel: 0417-5200183  Fax: 0417-5200185  Post Code: 115100