Name       of        Commodity: Cyanuric chloride, 30% liquid sodium chloride, Fluorescent powder, Pesticides product, bio-pesticide, acelonitril hydroxy, sodium cyanoborohydride, triazine herbicide

Introduction of Company and Products: Yingkou Sanzheng Organic Chemical Co., Ltd. is the second in the world, the largest cyanuric chloride factory and export base in Asia with occupation area of 220 thousand square meters and RMB 175 million yuan total assets value. Since the company was set up in 1988, the output value and the benefit have increased nearly by 70 times. The company passed double certificates of ISO9002 standard quality system and product quality. The variety of product has reached 30.

                                 (1) Cyanuric Chloride: product with national grade, and sold to 120 factories of 15 cities and provinces at home and US, Japan, 20countries and regions of South Korea, India, Europe and South America at abroad. The Company was designated as cyanuric chloride technology representative factory by National Chemical ministry and may take part in international technological exchange and domestic technological research.

                                 (2) Sodium Cyanide (30% liquid): Mating product of cyanuric chloride for self use and export.

                                 (3) Fluorescent powder: New type, high efficiency, energy-saving fluorescent powder with characteristics of 18nm ultraviolet resistant, high intensity radiation, reasonable particle distribution, good dispersion and high luminenscence efficiency, etc. It is fit for tube T8.                                (4) Building coating: interior and exterior latex coating, protective basecoat, which is acidproof, alkaliproof, waterproof, washable, mouldproof and anti-pollutant. The product is insured by PICC. It is non-poisonous, odorless, nonpollutant environment friendly product.

(5) Pesticide Product: Atrazine TC,38% Atrazine suspension agent and Simetryn TC, 25% Simetryn WP, 25% Prometryne WP, 53% Butachlor-simetryn EC, 72% Molinatte-Simetryn EC, 78.4% Molinate-Simetryn-MCPB-Ethyl EC, Seed coating (including maize, soybean, spring and winter wheat, paddy fruit and vegetable coating.)

                                 (6) Acelonitril Hydroxy: As a kind of fine chemical product, which is extensively applied on pharmaceuticals, galvanization, mine-selecting, surfactant, etc and used as intermediate of glycocoll, malononitrile and indigo dye. After ammoniation it is used as effective acaricide.

                                 (7) Sodium cyanoborohydride: It is a kind of moderate reducing agent, which is used on the reduction of aldehyde and ketone, especially the reduction and ammoniation of ketone.

                                 (8) Bio-pesticide: 2million cfu/gram agrobacterium sp, which is applied on peach tree, cherry to effectivelly prevent root disease.

Name        of         Company: Yingkou Sanzheng Organic Chemical Co., Ltd.

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                                Yingkou, Liaoning, China

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