Name       of         Commodity: fruit and vegetable concentrate juice series, concentrated fruit and vegetable pulp series, natural fruit and vegetable concentrate juice beverage series (cloudy juice, clear juice)

Introduction of Company and Products: Yingkou Robinsnow Group Co., Ltd. is a large comprehensive private enterprise, with investment amount 350,000,000.00 yuan, (including fixed assets of 270,000,000.00 yuan). Our products: apple juice concentrate, natural fruit juice beverage series, like cloudy juice (gable-top paper board package with screwcap), clear juice (PET bottle), etc. have been well received by the consumersfor its natural quality, perfect taste, rich nutrition, fresh and hygiene, etc. Among them, fruit and vegetable concentrate juice has been exported to USA, Canada etc. nations and districts for two years in succession. Its popular from our clients in domestic and abroad. Domestic sales network has been spread to nearly one hundred large and middle cities both inside and outside of province.

Name         of           Company: Yingkou Robinsnow Group Co., Ltd.

Address       of           Company: Gaizhou Shagang Economic and Technical

                                   Development Zone, Yingkou City Liaoning Province

Tel: 0417-7562888  Fax: 0417-7562833  Post Code: 115211