Name        of       Commodity: Coated granulated magnesium desulfurization

                                reagent (Reibao)

Introduction of Company and Products: Dashiqiao Baosteel Jinbao Magnesium Products Co., Ltd. is located in Jinqiao Economic and Technical Development Zone in Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province. That is 6 Km far from Changchun-Dalian Railway, 1 Km from Shenyang-Dalian Expressway, 10 Km from Yingkou Port, 50 Km from Bayuquan New Port and 220 Km from Dalian Port. The transportation by railway, highway and water are convenient.

                                The one of the main products from the company is coated granulated magnesium desulfurization reagent that is used in the deep desulfuration treatment for the molten iron in secondary steelmaking process. The product was listed in the New Product Planning Project of the National Planning Committee in 1998, in the National Torch Plan in 1999 and in the series of “the New Products at National Level in 1999”. It passed the Appraisal of Scientific & Technological Achievement and New Product Production of Liaoning Province in March, 1999. The present experts thought that the product fills a gap in the field in China and is advanced in the world.At present, the company can manufacture 5,000 tons of the products a year. On October 25, 1999, the enterprise passed the authorization for ISO9002: 1994 Standard Quality System.

                                Technical Characteristics of REIBAO Coated Granulated Magnesium

                                Use: Suitable mainly for the deep desulfuration treatment for the molten iron out of steelmaking furnace

                                Appearance: Sliver grey spherical or ellipsoidal coated granule

                                Size: The diameter of spheroid is between 0.5 and 1.6 mm (The grain size may be selected according to users’ demands.)

                                Bulk density: 0.98g/cm3 to 1g/cm3

                                Angle of rest: 27.8°

                                Spontaneously ignition temperature: 750 (or above)

                                Physiochemical indexes

Chemical composition % (weight)

Graininess Composition % (weight)




Irregular grain *





            *Note: 1 The irregular grain means the needle grains and long-trail grains with a

                    size more than 3mm.

                  2 The physiochemical  indexes may be selected  according to the users’


Name     of    Company: Dashiqiao Baosteel Jinbao Magnesium Products Co., Ltd.

Address    of   Company: Jinqiao Industrial Park in Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province

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