Name       of         Commodity: Yarn, Fabric

Introduction of Company and Products: Yingkou Textile Factory is a large enterprise which was set up in 1931. Now there are 62192 spindles open-end spinning machines 8 sets (1600 heads), auto-looms 1477 sets imported 144 sets foreign shulfceless looms and fixed assets (original value) 25303 million yuan net value 14022 million and it has more than 4500 staff & and workers. Annual product is 9000 tons yarn and 35 million meters fabric. The factory sold products to Japan U.S.A., England, Germany, Canada and other countries. Hong Kong, Macao, and has enjoyed high international prestige. The aggregate sales reached 15 million US dollars.

                                 Domestic and foreign friends are warmly welcome.

                                 JC 40×40   129×76   104   cotton grey jean

                                 C 30×30   81×81   98  cotton grey cloth

                                 JT/C 45×45   110×76   47   trueran grey jean

Name       of        Company: Yingkou Textile Factory

Address    of         Company: No.32 Jianse Street, Zhanqian District,

                              Yingkou City, Liaoning Province

Tel:0417-2634916  Fax: 0417-2605095  Post Code: 115000