Name        of        Commodity: Bag Products

Introduction of Company and Products: Yingkou Shin Kook Bags Ind. Co., Ltd. lies in BYQ New Economic Fecnical Development Zone. It owns one million USD and 900 workers and staff, since 1992, the companys pattern has been constantly developing and orders also more and more. The product texduding leather bag, PVC bag, nylon Bag and so on, export to USA, Italy, British, Japan, Swedish. Export Amounts Reach 6540,000 US dollars.

Name        of         Company: Yingkou Shin Kook Bags Ind. Co., Ltd.

Address      of         Company: 10# Factory, BYQ Longfu Industry District,

                                Yingkou New Economic Technical Zone

Tel: 0417-6259100  Fax: 0417-6259101  Post Code: 115007