Name          of                  Commodity: National Standard Edible Soybean, Oil, RBD Soybean Oil, RBD Rapeseed Oil, RBD Blended Oil, RBD Plam Olein, Top Grade Soyameal, Rapeseedmeal

Introduction of Company and Products: Yingkou Bohai Oil & Fats Industrial Limited is a joint venture company specializing in the processing and refining of a wide variety of vegetable oils and fats as well as soyameal. With a capital investment of US$30 million, the company has advanced state of the art technology and sophisticated production line and machinery. The annual processing and refining capacity is 100,000 metric tons for oil, 270,000 metric tons for soybeans and 220,000 metric tons for rapeseed. This is complemented by a 20,000 metric tons bulk oil storage tank facility and silos, that can store up to 30,000 metric tons of soybeans.

                                                                   The company is one of the largest refinery plant in North-east of China.

                                                                   Yingkou Bohai Oils & Fats Industrial Ltd. produces a variety of packed and bulk oil, soybean meal and rapeseed meal. Our Products include ¡°Gold Ingots¡± brand RBD Soybean oil, ¡°Neptune¡± brand RBD Palm Olein and ¡°Golden Carp¡± brand sales to Northeast and Russia. In addition the company also produces a wide range of refined oils in consumer packs, namely the ¡°Arawana¡±, ¡°New Dragon¡± and ¡°Gold Ingots¡± brands, with product size ranging form 900ml to 5kg (see attached table) to meet the different needs of consumers.

 Name                of                   Company: Yingkou Bohai Oils and Fats Industrial Ltd.

Address              of                  Company: Yingkou Port, Bayuquan District, Yingkou, Liaoning, China

Tel:0417-6268388   Fax: 0417-6269727   Post Code: 115007