Name                of                 Commodity: Speed Skate Shoes

Introduction of Company and Products: The advanced series of speed skate shoes produced by our company are made through international advanced technology. The skates are assembled with cold-rolled steel plates of 0.8F and the knife with 60Si2Mn. Shoes are made by good-quality leather with thin blanket insides. You will feel very comfortable after putting on them and will have real feeling of skate on ice. Many users and consumers are much attracted by the products since we put them into the markets. They are the highest in quality, most beautiful in style, best selling among the same products in the markets. They are the best-chosen sport goods in Winter

Name                   of                 Company: Yingkou Skate Sport Goods Making Co., Ltd.

Address              of                  Company: Hetaili, Fengshou street, Zhanqian District,

                                                                  Yingkou City, Liaoning Province

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