Name               of                 Commodity: ¡°Sailing¡± Brand Thick Sauce and ¡°Sailing¡± Soy

Introduction of Company and Products: Yingkou Non-Staple Food Factory is Located in the middle part of Bohai Avenue, acreage of it amounts to 39000m2, constructing area is 12000m2. It owns a series of auto producing equipments and special workshops for making leaven., ferment and packing. Net fixed capital is 120 million RMB. The ability of producing Yingkou thick sauce, soy, rice vinegar and fermented bean curds are separately more than 12000tons, 10000tons, 2000tons and 700tons per year. Because we have producing ability of modernization and we are very famous. Our factory is one of the largest stated-owned flavoring enterprises in the north pant of our country so far.

                                                                   This factory was built in 1943. It has fifty-six years history of production till now. The traditional making technology has been developed. Now we have more than 350 staff and workers. Sixty-eight of them are technical personal, making up 19% of all staff and workers. The technical personnel with high and middle title of a technical area thirty-two, making up 9%.

                                                                   Now we have developed five kinds of products, including the thick sauce, soy, fermented beancurds rice vinegar and pickles of thick sauce, sixty-three series and one hundred and ten kinds of products. ¡°Sailing¡± thick sauce of Yingkou is in great demand in twenty-eight provinces, cities and autonomous regions, covering 183 flavoring markets of larger, middle cities. The marketing places reach 2180 and amount of marketing has increased sharply year for year.

                                                                   From 1996 to 1998 the part of profit and tax of this factory tuined over to the state are 3020000 yuan. It is ranking the first of enterprises of same trade in our province in increasing economical benefit rapidly. And it has obtained the title of ¡°Civilization Unit¡± named by Provincial government continuously for ten years.

                                                                   ¡°Sailing¡± Yingkou thick sauce is made from degrees beans, edible salt and water. The color is red and brown. The taste is very delicious, with thick sauce.

                                                                   Sweet smell. The flavor of food is moderator the degree of viscosity is appropriate measure without moule and impurity. The contents of wminonitrogen is above 0.67%

                                                                   This product had been prized by the provincial government as the one of high quality from 1984 to 1994 and evaluated the famous brand product in foodstuff trades of whole country in1997. Also this product was believed as famous commodity by Liaoning Industrial & Commercial Administration Bureau

                                                                   The Product is the one excused from Yingkou Technology Supervising Bruial.

                                                                   ¡°Sailing¡± soy is made from degree bean, which is used as mail raw material. The color is red and brown, flavor of food is moderate with thick sauce sweet smell, its taste is and refreshing. Without any prculiar smell, it has rich nutrition and is absorbed easily. The content of aminonitrogen is above 0.7%.

                                                                   The product is divided into four kinds of one two and three grades. It is one excused from Yingkou Technology Supervising Bureau.

                                                                   ¡°Sailing¡± Yingkou Soy was evaluatel one of high quality by Commercial Ministry of our country in 1987.

                                                                    ¡°Sailing¡± Yingkou rice vinegar is mainly made from corn and wheat bran. The flavor is pure, the taste is very lovely. The total acidity is 5¡ă. It is suitable for getting nutrition and health protection, because of keeping with one grade rice rinegar of standard of our country. And it was evaluated one of high quality among Liaoning sme trades in 1987.

                                                                   ¡°Sailing¡± red fermented bean curds is made from beans. The taste is very smooth. With thick sweet smell. The color is red outside but yellow inside and very pure. This product was evaluated one of high quality by Commercial Ministry of our country in 1987.

Name                  of                 Company:  Yingkou Non-Staple Food Factory

Address              of                   Company: No.18, Bohai Street, Yingkou City

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