Name              of        Commodity: Full-automatic Fresh Sea-food Store & Transport Van Introduction

Introduction of Company and Products: HS system full-automatic fresh sea-food store &  transport van can purify, adjust temperature, increase oxygen, mineralize water, activation water and sterilize. The van body is made of the preventive sea-water and putrefaction material and high technique, gasification, heat preservation, sealed, isolating unit, during the limited scope, the water temperature can be adjusted automatically. The original imported unit and spare parts cooperated with the increasing oxygen machine, can work continuously. This kind of van can be installed at the chuck for carrying the living fish shrimp, crab, shellfish and their babies.

                                                                   If the transport less than 1,000km, the living rate can be up to 85-90%. The van can store and raise all kinds of seafood¡¯s safety, low cost and high benefit,which can suit for high-grade hotel, restaurant and the agency.

                                                                   This product has already attained national patent. At the 1999 national technology innovation brand meeting, through the exports choice, this product was selected into ¡°Chinese Present Age Technology Innovation Extension¡±

Name              of             Company: Yingkou Hengtong Fresh Seafood Store & Transport Van Co., Ltd.

Address          of              Company: (north of ) Yingkou Lunan Middle School, Liaoning Province

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