Name               of                    Commodity: Donglin Brand Flexible Loading Carriage

Introduction of Company and Products: ¡°Donglin¡± brand flexible loading carriage is made with installing the carriage on the second class chassis or semi-trailer. The flexible loading carriage is the complete new type which is designed and manufactured with the imported and advanced, suitable technology. These carriages can protect the goods from sunlight, rain, dust and theft and the goods can be conveniently moved. The whole carriages¡¯ body is light, so furl consumption remains low. The carriage¡¯s body is light, so fuel consumption remains low. The carriage¡¯s top and both sides are made of PVC tarpaulin, and can be slided opened, this structure is convenient for loading and unloading goods from every direction. It is safe, protects the environment and saves on energy consumption.

Name                  of                     Company: Yingkou Donglin Flexible Loading Carriage Co., Ltd.

Address   of Company: Qinglongshan Street, Yingkou Economic & Technological Development Zone,

                                      Yingkou City, Liaoning Province

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