Name             of          Commodity: Bleaching White and Dyeing Color, Various Knit Sweaters. Elastic Magic Gloves, Various T-shirt, ¡°Lanyue¡± brand medical health-care Pajamas Underwears and Products for Bed Use.

Introduction of Company and Products: Liaoning Tengda Group Company Limited is a subordinate corporation of China Women and Children Development Center. It is ranked as Scientific Pioneer Enterprise of Provincial and Municipal Level. It is situated in Yingkou, which owns two ports as a seaside city. The corporation was established in 1987.The assets have been increased to sixty million RMB from the original amount of sixty thousand RMB. The corporation has owned 10 companies and 18 agencies and more than 80 specialized sales stores domestically and internationally. Therefore, the company has been in the first stage formed into a internationalized group corporation with the business fields of research, trade, bleaching, printing, dyeing, weaving, twisting and so on.

                                                                   Bleaching and Dyeing Factory: There are almost thirty kinds yarn, to bleaching white and dyeing color, just like ramie/cotton, ramie/Acrylic, pure cotton chenilme and so on. It is of bravely color, lightly color and softly feelings. It could keep and show products fibre¡¯s special style.

                                                                   Magic Gloves Factory: ¡°Lanyue¡± brand magic gloves are one series of ¡°Lanyue¡±. Sales net is spread all over the world, for example: West Europe, East-South Asia, America, etc. It is of small, and exquisite, well elastic, high cold prevented, beautiful and general etc. It mainly has common thin, common thick, added woolen, mixed, toweled, double colored, wonderful colored, chenille, children like, etc.

                                                                   Knitting Factory: ¡°Lanyue¡± the far-infrared activating medical health-care products have many functions as to improve on micro-circulation of the body, promote the new superseding the old and eliminate tiredness etc. Except it, we produce different kinds and patents sweaters for adults and children. We produce the raw materials.

Name                    of                 Company: Liaoning Tengda Group Co., Ltd.

Address                of                 Company: No.6 Pindeng Street Xishi District,

                                                                   Yingkou City, Liaoning Province

Tel: 0417-4829834    Fax: 0417-4831829    Post Code: 115004