Name           of                Commodity: Yingkou Yingjin Synthetic Fibre Co., Ltd.

Introduce of Company and Products: Yingkou Yingjin Synthetic Fibre Co., Ltd is set up of Yingkou Chemical Fibre Factory and Korea IIJIN Machinery Co., Ltd. It produces international new and high- technology product PET/PA6 Sepreable Composite superfine fibre through split method. The specification of low textured and drown yarn is 75D/36F/16P, 115D/36F/16P, 150D/72F/16P, the specification of staple fibre, 1.5D/16P/38mm, 1.5D/16P/51mm.

                                                              The company has imported special type finishing composite superfine fabric technology, and has developed into a new MOSS fabric. At the same time, we embrace a series of soft brand products by superfine fibre: super-dry towels, High-grade dusting and cleaning cloth, and SOFT Health socks.

Name               of                Company: Yingkou Yingjin Synthetic Fibre Co., Ltd.

Address           of                 Company: No.178 Daqing Road, Yingkou City, Liaoning, China

Tel: 0417-3810308   Fax: 0417-3810694   Post Code: 115001