Name             of                Commodity: Sea Food, Rocks, Wooden ware, Custume, Knitware, Knitsake

Introduction of Company and Products: Yingkou Harbor, is the second large harbor in the Northeast China and the nearest port to the Northeast and the east area of Inner Mongolia. It has 25 modernized special wharves, handling capacity will exceed 19 million tons, and transport capacity of containers will reach 100 thousand TEU in 1999. We are developing more container wharves and multifunction wharves. At same time, having established 25 joint ventures in the fields of storage, package, chemical industry, and restaurant. Yingkou port I & E Co. Have founded in 1997, mainly operating I&E, cargoes agent, and etc. We provides all friends coordinated process service.

                                                                   Yingkou port line in the middle of the shen-da highway, railway directly reaching the dock fronts. Looking forward to every friend fully using the super reginal position and preferential policies and good services, building our port together.

Name                 of                   Company: Yingkou Port Bureau

Address             of                    Company: No.1 Newport Road, BYQ, YK, LN, China

Tel: 0417-6269877    Fax: 0471-6149607    Post Code: 115007 


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