Name              of                   Commodity: Products currency

Introduction of Company and Products: Yingkou GANGTIE International Transportation Co., Ltd. founded in April, 1995, mainly manage cargo storage, transportation, international cargoes agent and comprehensive products currency service enterprise. Had been a net service for North-east regional, east of Russia, Japan, S.Korea, around the center of BYQ Port.

                                                                   It lines BYQ New Port, it has 110 thousand square meter, storage ware is 16 thousand square meters, and has all sorts of machinery for matching for matching cereals, steel, works of container. It has super regional position, sufficient goods of supply in the hinterland, convenient communication. At same time, looking forward all invest parts fully using sufficient products currency experience and relationship net over seas, enlarging operation scope, cooperation widely with all friends, in order to make progress and development together.

Name                 of                   Company: Yingkou GANGTIE International Transportation Co., Ltd.

Address             of                   Company: Shenjingzi Contry, BYQ YK, and LN, CHINA.

Tel: 0417-6150424(5)           Fax: 0417-6157044          Post Code:   115007