Name             of          Commodity: 12° Lingyun Beer, 12°Refining Lingyun Beer, Specially making 13°Red Beer and Haowei Magnetized Juice

Introduction of Company and Products: Yingkou Beer Co., Ltd. was founded in 1981. The scale of the enterprise is being further developed and the economic benefits are becoming high after over 10 years’ reforming. Now the capital of the company is 50 million yuan. And it covers 60,000 square meters. The annual output is 50,000 tons. It has been a modern enterprise achieving millions upon millions taxes.

                                                           Our company acts according to the hard working and thrifty, innovating, concrete dealing. Qualities of the products are the life of the enterprise. Both quality and reputation are very important. “Customer is the king.” Is the principal aim of the enterprise. It make up a full set of complete and available quality guaranteeing system according to the GB/T19000-ISO9000 Standard. The development of the enterprise relies on the science and technology, excellent equipment and advanced technology. Saccharification and fermentation processing has realized automatic producing and computer operating. The enterprise found its position in the hot market competitive under superior equipment and technology and strict and modern management. And it has a expanding market and high economic benefit. The enterprise was appraised as Advanced and Cultural Enterprise in Yingkou City and Technology Leader and Advanced Enterprise for Quality and Benefit in Liaoning Province. The main products of the company are 12°Lingyun Beer, 11°Lingyun Beer, 12°Refining Lingyun Beer and Specially Making 13°Red Beer, etc. Varieties of the products are over 10. In 1998, the company invested 1,200,000 yuan to build a Juice Processing Line, which produces a series of Haowei soft drink. The annual out put of this processing line is 300tons. The raw materials of the product are magnetized water and concentrate juice. So this kind of juice are the green juice with natural color, aroma and taste. Leading product, 12°Lingyun Beer, has been appraised as the Consumers’ Satisfactory Product, Superior Quality Product in Liaoning Province and Famous Product of Liaoning Province Food Association because of its pure taste, fine and smooth foam on the glass of beer, long time cup sticking. It won the Gold Praise of the Fifth Tokyo Japan Food and Soft Drink Fair in 1994 and Gold Praise of Bordeaux France Alcohol and Soft Drink Fair. Through the modern producing technology on the basis of traditional brewing, the available nutritious contents of the fruit of Chinese wolfberry are dissolved in the Specially Making 13°Beer. So it is a kind of nutritious beer. Specially Making 13°Red Beer won the Famous Product Praise of Liaoning Province Food Association in 1999.

                                                           Mr. Zhang Shuzhi , director and chief manager of the company and 600 workers and stuff welcome new and old friends to come to our company and have a good drink.

Name                of             Company: Yingkou Beer Co., Ltd.

Address            of             Company: No. 14 Zhengda Lane, Prosperous Street, Xishi District,

                                                           Yingkou, Liaoning

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