Name                  of            Commodity: Oflset Book Paper, White Coated Paper Board, White Powder Paper Board, Single-Side Writing Paper, Chemical Reed Pulp

Introduction of Company and Products: Yingkou Paper responsibility Co., Ltd. was first built in 1936, was a large important mainstay enterprise of paper trade in Liaoning Province the material is reed which use sulfite methool. Now it has developed a large enterprise, which is possessed of 160,000 tons Capacity of pulp and paper per year.

                                                                 The enterprise has 4599 employees, including 109 technicians and place area is 2,094,000m2, total property value is 18.2 hundred million yuan RMB. Property value is 11hundred million yuan RMB. Assets and liabilities rate 64%.

                                                                 The main products are oflset book papers (35,000T/Y), white coated paper board (75,000T/Y), white powder paperboard (15,000T/Y), single-side writing paper (15,000T/Y) and chemical reed pulp (20,000T/Y).

                                                                The enterprise has complete producing system of pulp and paper and has self-sufficient installed capacity 30,000KW of heetpower station and stored water volume 280,000m3 of storage capacity and has 6.8kilometer special railway. The self-sufficient water transportation dock and handle up to 300,000 of cargo a year.

Name                of                 Company: Yingkou Paper Limited Responsibility Company

Address            of                  Company: No.1 Hewan North Street Yingkou City

Tel: 0417-3815359    Fax: 0417-3631195   Post Code: 115001